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Hummingbird Vocalist - Dawn Wong_edited
Hummingbird Vocalist - Dawn Wong 3
Hummingbird Vocalist - Dawn Wong 3
Hummingbird Vocalist - Dawn Wong 2
Hummingbird - Shanghai Jazz Club 5 (Dawn Wong)
Hummingbird - Dawn Wong & The Ark Royal
Dawn Wong
Jazz / Pop / Evergreen / Shanghai Jazz

With her soothing vocals and warm smile, local singer-songwriter and Hummingbird Concepts co-founder Dawn Wong is one of Singapore’s most versatile and sought after female vocalists for events. Known for her whistle register vocal range, and clear, soothing voice ‘live’, Dawn Wong switches with ease between Jazz and Pop styles, and bridges the two contrasting genres nicely with her own brand of jazz-influenced acoustic pop music.


Song Languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai


I've Got You Under My Skin

Dawn Wong & The Suits

Veggie Samba 果菜桑巴

Dawn Wong 黃川美 & Qilin Group

超級偶像: Dawn Wong 黃川美 - Lovin' You

Dawn Wong 黃川美

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愛神的箭 Cupid's Arrow

Dawn Wong & The Shanghai Jazz Club

Dawn Wong Pop Reel

Dawn Wong

The Perfect Two (Stuck Like Glue)

Dawn Wong

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