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Jazz for Kids - Hello Humpty!
Arts in Your Neighbourhood 2019

Jazz for Kids – Hello Humpty! is an interactive music performance that introduces our little ones to the wonderful world of jazz music. Audiences are exposed to rich harmonies and exciting rhythms while learning simple lessons about life in this 45-minute programme presented by a live jazz band. We make friends with a kindly stranger and discover this thing we call ‘jazz’ through original tunes and child-friendly classic jazz numbers. You’ll have a swingin’ time!


About Jazz Music:

A beautiful gem born in the late 1800s of the harsh conditions of the African-slave trade, Jazz music is considered the classical music of the United States of America. What does that have to with us, you ask? Well, the popular music we love to listen to today came from Jazz. Jazz is like your friend’s cool grandpa who tells exciting stories, dances like nobody’s watching, and tempts you with fizzy soda. What’s there not to love about cool grandpa? 😉


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