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Alemay Fernandez
Jazz / Soul / Gospel

With her sultry vocals and gutsy personality, Alemay Fernandez is a rising star in Singapore’s jazz scene. She has performed with The Count Basie Orchestra, David Foster, and The Platters' Bobby Soul, and opened for living legend Laura Fygi. A veteran in the local jazz scene, she was hailed by Time Out as “one of Singapore’s best-loved entertainers”.

Alemay is known for her powerhouse vocals, scatting, and an on-stage presence that keeps the audience eating out of the palm of her hand. A stage veteran, she performed lead roles in the musicals Beauty World (2008) and Fried Rice Paradise (2010).


Song Languages: English

Summertime /God Bless The Child

Alemay Fernandez & the Count Basie Orchestra

Hard To Imagine

Alemay Fernandez

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You Don't Know Me

Alemay Fernandez

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